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Shamanic Breathwork with Michal ~ program and prices

“Oh I wish I was back in Pai for this so much! Anyone who’s there I can’t recommend Michal’s work enough”

“I have spent many years attending retreats and seminars. But I have never experienced anything as powerful as Michal’s seminar. If you want to heal, transform or evolve then JUST DO IT!” 

Participants in Michal’s groups at Open Mind Centre last year

Workshops & Residential Intensives – More details on the content of workshops here

2017-18 program details available soon

Healing Retreats – Individual Programs for Your Interests & Needs

Your Healing Retreat at Open Mind 

Healing Retreats include a program of sessions & treatments that we put together for you to meet your individual interests and needs.

Our Healing Retreats are opportunities to relax, really let go and heal, also to explore new possibilities for living your life with connection and wellness.

Popular packages are 3-day, 5-day & 7-day Healing Retreats, as well as a 2-Day add-on to one of our meditation retreats.

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Retreat: Mahamudra & Mandala of the Elements ~ freeing challenges, opening to your potential

Make your own retreat time. Often offered as a 6 day meditation and making retreat – 3 day option available.

Mahamudra is a simple yet profound method for opening the doors of perception, for exploring our lives beyond identity and concepts. Many westerners find this a very useful and useable approach to meditation for busy lifestyles.  Mahamudra-Dzogchen is highest tantra meditation in the treasury of Tibetan practice – it is the art and science of using the mind the explore the nature of mind itself – which is everything we experience. Read more

Vipassana & the Foundations of Mindfulness

Exploring classic mindfulness teachings of the Buddha and Vipassana meditation practice in ways that are relevant and useful in westerern lifestyles. Open Mind Centre is a supportive, beautiful environment by the river. Learn to meditate, or take your practice deeper. Experience opening to calmer, clearer ways of living with openness and integrity. Learn how to meet challenges with an invitation to integration & healing. Meditation retreat is an opportunity to open to the deeper currents in your own life, to experience the warm breath of your own heart.

We will explore practical ways in which meditation can help us live more fully at work, in relationships, creatively – with connection, engagement and freedom. Read more