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Integrated Cranial Biodynamics ~ CranioSacral Therapy Training ~ at Open Mind

Cranio-Sacral Therapy with Mana

“I don’t know what you do, but I feel so much better after each session”

Working with your inner body intelligence. Supporting your own healing power. Bio-dynamic approach – Gentle, Deep, Effective.
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Healing Sessions Available @ Open Mind Centre 

If you feel a need for healing, release, balance, reflection or relaxation then taking the time to receive therapeutic touch or words is a great way to re-centre and tune into your inner wisdom as the source of ultimate healing.

Make an appointment – see calendar for more details on our healers currently offering sessions. We can also put together a program or treatments for you, or your own Healing Retreat.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy – Reiki – Body Work
Sound Healing – Counselling – Yoga
Movement – Thai Massage
Many other modalities

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Anna: Student, Austria

“…I feel cleaner and lighten now.”

I like the peaceful and soft touching of Mana. I was amazed how sensitive he is. He felt it when I let him do his work, like when I trusted him totally. Sometimes it felt like he was waiting for me when I am ready,… and then it was a really nice energetic dialog. I feel cleaner and more lighten now. My heart area was blocked, I felt love but also sadness and fear, it had been opened. For sure it’s a process and it will last. Mana said: shadows don’t need to disappear suddenly…

Thank you Mana for this work. I am surprised and excited what this energetic work will change me and my body in the future, now it is amazing.