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Healing Retreats at Open Mind – Individual Programs for your interests & needs

Your Healing Retreat

Healing Retreats include a program of sessions & treatments that we put together for you to meet your individual interests and needs.

Our Healing Retreats are opportunities to relax, really let go and heal, also to explore new possibilities for living your life with connection and wellness.

Popular packages are 3-day, 5-day & 7-day Healing Retreats, as well as a 2-Day add-on to one of our meditation retreats.

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Cranio-Sacral Therapy with Mana

“I don’t know what you do, but I feel so much better after each session”

Working with your inner body intelligence. Supporting your own healing power. Bio-dynamic approach – Gentle, Deep, Effective.
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Healing Sessions Available @ Open Mind Centre 

If you feel a need for healing, release, balance, reflection or relaxation then taking the time to receive therapeutic touch or words is a great way to re-centre and tune into your inner wisdom as the source of ultimate healing.

Make an appointment – see calendar for more details on our healers currently offering sessions. We can also put together a program or treatments for you, or your own Healing Retreat.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy – Reiki – Body Work
Sound Healing – Counselling – Yoga
Movement – Thai Massage
Many other modalities

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Learn to Meditate

The best way to learn to meditate is to do a retreat. Our regular retreats usually start the first Monday of each month (3-5 days) and the last Monday (3-12 days) – For beginners and all levels – Check the calendar. We also put together individual and group retreat programs for 3-14 days – or more!

Or you can learn to meditate or take your practice to the next stage with a one-on-one appointment.

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