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“Heartful Breath” ~ Shamanic Breathwork trainings with Michal Godlewski

November 22 to December 19 2014
Pai & Chiang Mai

Michal Godlewski will be coming from Poland to run a wonderful series of workshops & residential intensives at Open Mind Centre and in Chiang Mai
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  • Release, expression and integrating restrained feelings
  • Reduction of tension which influences your physical constitution and health
  • Strengthening your internal authority through awakening your personal wisdom and intuition
  • Attuning your personality to let it express the content of your soul, to reach the area of spirit and surrender to it.

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Healing All Limits to Love ~ with Jaz Govern & Rj

Sunday 31st August 10.00-1.00

Join Jaz & Rj in a new, revolutionary program on attracting and deepening love in your life. Discover and release blocks and beliefs around LOVE created by fairy tales, religion, media, parents, culture, Hollywood, personal expectations, perceived gender differences, etc. This program will teach you how to access a new vision for love and will give you the tools to clear out the limiting beliefs that keep you from experiencing love and intimacy in their deepest, most profound and divine manifestations.  Read more

Tibetan healing bowls ~ with Rj

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Join Rj for the immersion into the exquisite sound beauty and healing properties of the Tibetan Healing Bowls. We will be concentrating on the Heart Centre, the fourth chakra, opening and expanding your heart energy, helping you to create many more heart-centred relationships in your lfe. Be comfortable, relax and let go. Let the Tibetan Healing Bowls raise and balance your entire energy system, allowing you to have an Amazing journey to peace, joy and harmony. Read more