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Original mind ~ Mahamudra & Dzogchen retreat with Mana

3 to 10 day retreats ~ ask about longer retreats
Check calendar for dates ~ can also be available to suit your schedule

Mahamudra is one of the Tibetan ‘highest yoga’ practices – it is a highly evolved method for investigating mind – our own mind and beyond. Mahamudra includes the work of Samatha and Vipassana in the Theravadin systems. Taking these methods further, in Mahamudra practice we progressively learn to take mind itself as both the object and subject of investigation. Read more

Meditation lite

2 hour exploration & practice session
see calendar for dates
one-on-one sessions – or bring your partner or group – by appointment

‘Meditation lite’ – a little practice together, perhaps some questions & a chance to talk about you & the path with like-minded people…
Sound ok? Come along – and come for chanting and/or lunch before afternoon sessions if you like.
As with all our events, please let us know if you are coming. Read more

The light within ~ Tara (Divine Mother), Medicine Buddha, Diamond Mind meditations

Exploring Tibetan visualisation & healing practices
Hands-on introduction sessions
Check calendar for dates and times

In these sessions we use Tibetan archetypes, working with visualisation, energy centres (chakras) and sound (mantra) to help us tap into radiant dimensions of our own being. The radiance is always here with us – but quite often we are not with it!  Our innate radiant mind is said to be “like a rainbow” – clearly present, but entirely insubstantial. We can think of these visualisation practices as doorways into transpersonal or depth being. Read more

Calm & clear ~ how it is

“Don’t just change your states of consciousness,
change your traits of consciousness”

Meditation ~ getting together with your mind
1/2 day intensives ~ check calendar for dates, other times by appointment
Retreats ~ make your own retreat time

Finding peace and clarity in learning to be present wherever we find ourselves – at work, at play, in our relationships, in the midst of strong emotions and other reactions.

Mindfulness meditation, simple breath & body work, heart listening, intuition, insight, discovering connection. In retreats/ advances we include artwork also. Read more