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Thrangu Rinpoche, Kagyu & other Tibetan lineages

Most teachers in Namgyal Rinpoche’s lineage within the wider Karma Kagyu school have been westerners. However, a number of Tibetan teachers have been very influential for Mana, and continue to be so.

“I met Thrangu Rinpoche in India in 2010. I was deeply touched and moved by his wisdom, learning, tenderness and humour. Meeting him felt like a completion of lineage, and still does. I studied a residential retreat on emptiness, mahamudra and dzogchen with him in Sarnath, India, and further teaching on emptiness in Kathmandu, Nepal. The following year he gave his blessing for a 3 month retreat exploring his teachings on mahamudra at his monastery in Namo Buddha, Nepal.” Read more

Lama Catherine Rathbun

I owe an unrepayable debt to many teachers with whom I have had the good fortune to study. Lama Catherine Rathbun (Lama Jetsun Yeshe) is perhaps foremost among these teachers: we have something like a lifetime association. Through her creative work with improvisational dance, she lived what I gradually came to understand was the dharma, and invited a simple opening and deep exploration to which I immediately responded. She brought me to the teachings in 1976-7, and has been an inspiration and practical guide since. Read more


Shantimayi is one of my lineage teachers. She has been a huge inspiration for the last 11 years of my spiritual journey. Read more

Namgyal Rinpoche

Namgyal Rinpoche has been a profound influence in this life. He died in 2003. Many of us feel his energetic presence and his teaching as strongly as ever. The Open Mind Centre in Pai is dedicated to him and his lineage, along with my other lineage teachers Lama Catherine Rathbun and ShantiMayi. Read more

Mindfulness & health

Mindfulness training which is at the heart of meditation can directly enhance our experience of wholeness and wellbeing. Our word for health is based on a word for wholeness (it’s right there in the dictionary!)

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