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Yoga with Tanja – Sessions & Classes

Classes on request: If you like to book a yoga class at any other day or time, send an e-mail. Hatha Yoga classes can be designed to suit your needs, basics for beginners, refinement for intermediate/ advanced practitioners.

For more information please e-mail: home.phayam@gmail.com, or contact Open Mind Centre. 

About the teacher

Tanja is from Switzerland. Since 2014, she’s based on Koh Phayam Island in southern Thailand.

Before she got her yoga teaching certifcate she studied contemporary dance and performing arts. She has been part of various performance projects and has taught dance and yoga to adults and children. Besides being interested in art, movement and body work, she has attended meditation courses and retreats (mainly Vipassana) so these practices became part of her path.

Tanja chose to participate in an extensive Iyengar Yoga teacher training in Switzerland, where she attended the Introductory II teaching degree in 2012. The detailed and accurate approach of the method fascinated her and allowed her to feel more centered and grounded.

In her work she is always interested in exploring how self awareness can be cultivated through the practice, how one can let go of unhelpful habits to move towards greater freedom, and how the physical, subtle and energetic aspects of our being are brought into harmony.

For Tanja it is important to offer a yoga class that is well structured and clearly sequenced. Her aim is to guide practitioners through a class in which various aspects of the practice (such as dynamic motion and stillness, strenghtening and mobilization, facing challenges and being at ease) are balanced.