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Let Your Heart Light Your Way ~ Sunsets Tuesdays

Sunset ~ Loving Kindness Meditation ~ Kirtan

Come for healing meditation, enjoy the sunset from our café verandah overlooking mountains & Pai River, move into soulful chanting

5pm Loving- kindness healing meditation – 100B
Sunset views “Some of the best views in Pai”
6.30 Vegetarian Meals from the Menu
Kirtan – with Poetry, Meditation, Movement & Sharing – 100B
Meals, coffees, shakes available from the café at Sunset

Loving-Kindness meditation

A sitting meditation to centre into your heart space and touch into loving-kindness for yourself, others and the whole world.
Suitable for complete beginners through to experienced meditators.
Many find this is a wonderful healing meditation – for self and others.
After this meditation, why not enjoy our unique sunset views over a coffee / juice / meal & join in with our kirtan & chanting?

Kirtan ~ Chanting from the heart

Join us to sing the sacred sounds of ancient mantras and soulful songs from many styles and traditions. Sounds of didgeridoo, harmonium, guitar … gongs… Tibetan bowls… Singers – come and lead a chant or two if you like.
Musicians – bring an instrument and join in!

“Give peace a chant”

Come for loving kindness meditation, enjoy the sunset from our café verandah overlooking Pai River and mountains and move into some soulful chanting