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Meditation & Healing Retreats

Along with our calendar workshops, retreats & events, we offer facilities for supported retreats, your own retreats, or for any kind of uplifting or healing work. You are welcome to come and stay just for some chill time in a quiet supportive natural environment also. You are also welcome to come & stay for creative work retreats – writing, dance etc – individuals and groups. Contact us with your interests.

Scheduled Courses & Retreats

For registrations and information on scheduled courses, see the information on the calendar.

Your own retreat

On a solo retreat guests manage their own program. If you are doing your own retreat (i.e. no guidance) you just pay for your room and food.

Healing Retreats ~ we make an individual program for you

The costs will be your room and food, and our tailored program of treatments, and any workshops you are interested in. When you let us know your dates and interests, we will set up your individual program and confirm it with you.

Healing Retreat info and costs – click here

Meditation Retreats with Guidance

On supported retreats you will receive regular guidance from Mana or other qualified instructor at Open Mind.

You are welcome for shorter or longer retreats.

Meditation takes some time and commitment to develop. For some it is the journey of a life-time. When we give meditation some time, we usually find it gives us more than we imagined likely or even possible.

We recommend 3-5 days as a good place to begin with. We have a minimum registration of 3 days for our scheduled retreats. If you have time, 7-12 days gives you a chance to go much deeper. If you don’t have so much time, you can still make a good start with a half-day workshop.

No experience necessary. All levels welcome.
Meditation Retreat Info – click here Costs  – click here