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Shantimayi is one of my lineage teachers. She has been a huge inspiration for the last 11 years of my spiritual journey. Read more

Namgyal Rinpoche

Namgyal Rinpoche has been a profound influence in this life. He died in 2003. Many of us feel his energetic presence and his teaching as strongly as ever. The Open Mind Centre in Pai is dedicated to him and his lineage, along with my other lineage teachers Lama Catherine Rathbun and ShantiMayi. Read more

Helpful Distinctions

The underlying central aim of all spiritual work is to be present in every moment. This aim may be formulated in different terms in different traditions but it is generally recognized to be both the aim and method of our searching. How do we do this? Well, it’s probably better if we do it intelligently.

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Cultivating Attention

The term “meditation” as it is currently used in English covers a very wide range of activities, guided imagery, guided visualizations, and many practices in Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and other religious traditions.

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Lama Chime

Through my association with Ven Namgyal Rinpoche I was fortunate enough to meet Lama Chime on a 6 week retreat in Sri Lanka. In 1980 I moved to Perth, Western Australia to study with him.

Together with a group of like minded students, we built the Origins Centre in Balingup 3 hours south of Perth, with Chim’s inspiration and direction. In those years we were intensively studying buddha’s teachings, body work, mandala, community development, and making time for much retreat work in which we explored many meditation methods in depth with Chime, Namgyal Rinpoche and other teachers. Read more