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Mindfulness meditation ~ foundation and practice

Open classes • most tuesdays 6pm • check calendar for dates

These classes will provide a good foundation in mindfulness meditation practice. We will have time to discuss any questions you and others may have – the path is always yours to walk.

Mindfulness meditation can later be taken into different kinds of insight practice…

All levels of experience welcome. Please contact Mana if you are coming.

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Lama Catherine Rathbun

I owe an unrepayable debt to many teachers with whom I have had the good fortune to study. Lama Catherine Rathbun (Lama Jetsun Yeshe) is perhaps foremost among these teachers: we have something like a lifetime association. Through her creative work with improvisational dance, she lived what I gradually came to understand was the dharma, and invited a simple opening and deep exploration to which I immediately responded. She brought me to the teachings in 1976-7, and has been an inspiration and practical guide since. Read more

Letter to a dead friend

Diary, last night, 12.30am: Phone Christine, via Lilly if still no answer

We didn’t meet for long Christine, but we met – in good ways.

I have been trying to call you the last couple of days.

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Louisa: Nurse

So insightful. Mana is very knowledgeable, but doesn’t ‘preach’ as such. Mana just ‘suggests’ or provides information to help you discover for yourself. Very honest with answers. Great course, thank you very much!

Clinton: Financial Advisor

I would recommend the course because I have enjoyed it and I think people can benefit from having an understanding of meditation. I found that the more I learned the more I realised there was to learn. I really enjoyed the insight into what meditation can do for me.