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Shantimayi is one of my lineage teachers. She has been a huge inspiration for the last 11 years of my spiritual journey. Read more

Namgyal Rinpoche

Namgyal Rinpoche has been a profound influence in this life. He died in 2003. Many of us feel his energetic presence and his teaching as strongly as ever. The Open Mind Centre in Pai is dedicated to him and his lineage, along with my other lineage teachers Lama Catherine Rathbun and ShantiMayi. Read more

Mindfulness & health

Mindfulness training which is at the heart of meditation can directly enhance our experience of wholeness and wellbeing. Our word for health is based on a word for wholeness (it’s right there in the dictionary!)

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A Path of Discovery

Many people come to meditation to learn how to de-stress. Given the lives many of us lead, this is not a bad place to start! At Open Mind we go deeper, we explore meditation as a path of discovery, and as such a potentially life-changing process.

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Persona & Personality

These notes are part of a talk given by Namgyal Rinpoche, 12 May 1983 during a retreat in Singapore, as heard by Mana Waite. Most of us want to ‘get in touch with our true selves’ – or something like this – at some stage or another.

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