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Louisa: Nurse

So insightful. Mana is very knowledgeable, but doesn’t ‘preach’ as such. Mana just ‘suggests’ or provides information to help you discover for yourself. Very honest with answers. Great course, thank you very much!

Clinton: Financial Advisor

I would recommend the course because I have enjoyed it and I think people can benefit from having an understanding of meditation. I found that the more I learned the more I realised there was to learn. I really enjoyed the insight into what meditation can do for me.

Mandy: Lawyer

I have discovered considerable benefits in my daily life since joining the Shenton Park meditation group two years ago.  The most notable changes I have found include greater clarity of mind, a sense of calmness and an improved ability to manage stress. My relationships with others and overall approach to life also seem more positive.

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Felix: Scientist

I would recommend this course – it was a beautiful time that I looked forward to each week. It showed me that I can find some things I nearly forgot in me, like my heart of space. It opened doorways to being more present in my life. Sometimes it was challenging but life enhancing. It was a very supportive class, talking about experiences and being listened to with genuine interest from Mana and the other participants. Sharing experiences in a like minded and also diverse group and seeing the honest dedication of all was nice.

Taree: Marketing

It’s a great place to begin your meditation experience. Mana has a way of explaining things / talking through things that make you feel at ease. I have already learned a lot and am definitely encouraged to keep my practice going beyond the class.